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Pricing and deadlines

Pricing of a specific translation depends on text volume – quantity of the words to be translated, language pair, agreed deadline and complexity of a translation, as well as on whether notarisation or certification services are required. See an indicative price list below.

Price list
Level of complexity*
Language pair Price, EUR per page**
Latvian-English from 9.00 from 10.00
English-Latvian from 9.00 from 10.00
Latvian-Russian from 8.00 from 10.00
Russian-Latvian from 8.00 from 10.00
English-Russian from 11.00 from 13.00
Russian-English from 11.00 from 13.00
Latvian-German from 11.00 from 13.00
German-Latvian from 11.00 from 13.00
* Translation complexity levels:
  • Level I – general content texts without specific terminology (e.g., personal or cooperate letters)
  • Level II – texts which contain special terms (e.g. legal texts, technical texts) and various documents.
**in translation practice we consider 250 words as a standard page. The number of pages of a particular document is calculated by dividing the total number of words by 250. In order to get the total number of words use MS Word programme as follows:
  • Tools/Wordcount/Words.

Additional fee may be surcharged for:

  • urgent translations (if necessary to translate more that 5 standard pages per day)
  • source text delivered as scanned copy, difficult to read or handwritten
  • translations that require substantial usage of multiple sources of information, additional materials, literature, expert assistance or other resources
  • text formatting
  • notarisation services
  • certification by a translator with his or her signature and a company seal

Minimum order quantity

Minimum order quantity is 250 words (1 standard page). If translation volume is less than 250 words, the price calculation is based on 250 word count.

In order to receive an exact cost calculation of a translation service, as well as information about our availability and deadlines, we kindly ask to call us: +371-26432590 or send your request to our e-mail:

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